Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Checkin the Pivots...... On the Ponies!

Last night my dad called and asked us if we wanted to go check the fields.... on the ponies!
Keegan and I both said that we were in. He said he would be home in just a few min so to go
get saddled. We headed out and took our sweet time getting ready to leave! It was close to dark when we finally left the house.... But I think that made the ride even better! It was beautiful night in Monteview! I love the sunsets and it was even more beautiful watching it as we rode the horses. We had some great talks and enjoyed the ride!

Saddling up the horses!

Us before we left..... and yes.......
we are both standing flat foot......
Thats how tall Keegan is!
The pretty Monteview Sky

The beautiful sky again.... I love Idaho!

Me and Skittles

Keegan and Brooks

My poor lil brother is so sick..... He got home
from the hospital just before we left.... so needless
to say.... he missed the late night ride!

Kyler's hospital tag


  1. Looks like you have been having some fun before you are off to the big city to school. An evening ride sounds fun and the corn looked so good.

  2. Man Kortney it looks so pretty, I understand how pretty Idaho Sunsets can be, we have had some really pretty ones up here in the Valley.

  3. BEAUTIFUL!!! I'm glad you started a blog. It's practically one of my favorite things. Okay....maybe not my favorite, but I definitely love it.