Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My Tough lil Buddy!

Ok..... So I haven't wanted to write this post because I am such a baby about things, and I have been crying SO much lately! But... I have had several people ask so I guess I need to write about it. Last Monday my cousin Jace was really sick. When his parents took him to the doc they diagnosed him with mono. I was then feeling terrible because Jace and I had shared treats at Hayd's game the week before, and I had mono earlier in the year. Then, the story gets worse. I started school on Thurs and everything was great. On Friday I went to school and then headed out to work. I got there around 2 and then like at 4:40 Misty came and told me that I needed to get my stuff and go with her. That something was wrong and I would be leaving work. Anyway.... Long story short we found out that Jace had just been diagnosed with Lukemia. They rushed him to Primary Children's Hospital, and the treatment began. My mom and family left to go down there. Although I am missing them like crazy and have had some rough moments..... I am loving school. I constantly pray for my buddy Jace and his mom, dad, Hayd, and the rest of the fam. I honestly can't believe how things can change so much in one minute!! I can't believe all the support that we have all got through this experience! For more updated info check out the blog that his mom is doing. The address is! Thanks for all of the love and support!!! Get better Jacer and keep being the ironman that you have ALWAYS been!! :D

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  1. Matt, Amy And Jace,
    Want you to know we are thinking of you and praying for you, and want to help in anyway we can, theysay the lord does not give you anymore than you can handle, so Iknow you will be alright and Jace is strong, he has to be to be randals grandson! and he will get better, I am sure of it, My friend is going to the temple on sat. and she is going to putJaces name in the prayer list, I am sure ithas already been done, but we can alluse all the prayers we can get right? Jess mentioned giving blood, what about that? we are all willing to do that also, altho Jess said he wondered ifUncle Randal would want his blood in his grandson! he is kidding of course, Tina and pattric are keeping up on the blog and Jess andRamon are very worried about all of you and feel so bad for Matt.Jesse is willing to do anything you need done here,water cut grass or any way he can help out while you are there. We love you and are praying for you and Jace hang in there, you are a strong little boy and you will be fine Jesse misses you at school and says to get well and come back soon, love you all.
    sherrel and family.