Wednesday, May 12, 2010

~* Is that Even Legal??*~

SO...... First of all I need to apologize to my faithful blog checkers..... cause I hear there is a couple of you! I am sorry that the last post was FOREVER ago. haha Things have been super super busy in the Life of Me! I was going to post pictures of my new apartment (that's not that new anymore), then I was going to give you a full report on my classes, but figured that would bore you, and then I was going to tell you about my amazing boyfriend that I just CANNOT live without, but then I would be lying. I have no amazing boyfriend.I am living the single life, and loving every minute!! We have had so much fun this semester!I have fun roomates, which always helps matters and I am taking 14 credits- the perfect amount. :) I am truly just happy to be right where I am! :)
Moving back to the big town of Rexburg is always a little bit of an adjustment. There are people, lights, and cars that keep you up at night, annoying pedestrians that don't know when they should and should not be on the road, and of course the dreaded Honor Code to follow! :) haha... But, I guess you can say I am adjusting well!
We have been studying a lot and partyin a little :) I am loving being close to my extended family! I went and played baseball with the Leathams and realized just how much practice I need. I have totally lost my throw that I once had! Sad!! We have been to a few dance parties and a lot of bonfires! Kandice, Kolleen, and I are all roomates and it is so much fun to be together!! It has been fun to reconnect with the friends I made in the fall when I was here as well as meet some new friends!
So I have to just tell you a few funny stories/recent happenings in the life of me.... some, serious, some dumb, some informative, and some Things that may seem really silly and may not even be "legal" in any other place!
*So at our apartment complex they are currently advertising their "marriage guarantee" that says that if you get married, they will let you out of your contract and refund you!
*The teachers actually tell you the first day of class that if you choose to get married on a school day, it will not be an excused absence.
*I have a fitness class on Tuesdays and Thursdays.... Every Tues. the teacher asks if anyone got engaged over the weekend. So far at least 1 person has got engaged every weekend!!
*Pedestrians own the streets here, not drivers.
*My roomie is into vlogging and we made a vlog about her fish living in the spare toilet. That's right.... Kandice and I might soon be famous!!
*Called to be the Visiting teaching supervisor
*Got a 94% on my first test of the semester and the screen at the testing center said Well Done!! First one ever!! yay!
*Have a new love for afternoon naps!
*Still job searching! (If you hear of something, please let me know!)
*Loving Tuesday night dinners at Gringo's!
*Chopped my hair off!!
And last but def not least:
*Kolleen and I were in the library studyin away..... (I know what you're thinkin "What good girls!" yeah, that's us :)) It was pretty late. Ok like 11:15pm to be exact. All of the sudden the lights go dim and a person on the loud speaker says "1...2...3...". Ok, at this point, I think we are dying. I freak out and my mind is racing. I look at Kolleen and I asked her if she knew what was going on. She didn't. I think there is a bomb threat! Then the person over the speaker says "The Mckay library will be closing in 15 min. Then Sweet Home Alabama starts blaring over the speakers! Kolleen and I just kept looking at each other. Trying to finish up what we were working on was impossible due to the loud music, so we packed up. When we got outside the first thing that popped out of my mouth was "IS THAT EVEN LEGAL?!?!" I was a little bugged that they were blaring music in the library!! haha Have a good day! :) I will try to be better about updating!!

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  1. haha teach you to try and study late into the night!