Friday, November 27, 2009

*~*A Bittersweet Ending*~*

So...... I really have no idea where to start this post. When I was hired at Larsen Farms, I never thought that I would come to love working here as much as I have. Although my time at Larsens was rather short, it was long enough to create some lifetime friends, and make lots of great memories! I started two weeks before I graduated. I had a great trainer, Lili, and when she was showing me all there is to do, I was a little overwhelmed to say the least. I thought that I would never be able to memorize all of the Larsen driver's names and had no idea how I was ever going to deal with the mad truck drivers. Our office was tiny. There was me and the shipping girl in it. Her name is Dominica and I had no idea that I could come to love a coworker like I love this chica! So..... This is where I confess to you that the first week that I worked with Dominica, I thought she was a beast. She would be cranky with the drivers, and would never take an ounce of crap. I soon caught on to the swing of things here and got to know Dominica better and realized that she was one of the nicest girls I know. We have spent countless late nights talking about anything from our latest crush to the dumbo truck driver that we want to taze. I have come to be great friends with Dominica and will miss her greatly. Dominica's sister Miranda is the shipping girl in the back, and she too has become a great friend to me. I will miss our chats late at night and all of the laughs we have had...... getting in trouble together too!! haha So..... like after a month and a half of working at Larsen's we found out that the warehouse would be shutting down, and Dominica and Miranda would be off for a whole month! I thought I was going to go CRAZY!! I had been nice and had kind of made friends throughout the office, but these girls were my besties at work! So.... then we find out that the receptionist would be in the farm office for the month that the warehouse was shut down so that we could get a new office. I had no idea how much fun we would be having in the next month. I moved into Brenda and SueAnn's office and loved every second of it! We laughed and joked and talked all day! Also, since I was in there everyone that came in I talked to! :D I grew to love all of the ladies that worked there. I also worked for awhile in accounting! Anyway...... Needless to explain any further...... I love all of the people that I have worked with!!! We have countless memories from truckers bonking their noggins to falling down the stairs, to giving Jan sanitizing wipes for her nasty lil games..... hehe Love you jan! When I first talked to my mom, and decided it was time to quit, I was so happy. I had been so overwhelmed going to school and working two jobs that I was relieved to know that it really was time to let something go. I was sick of the long drive and late nights out in Hamer. But then when it came time to actually talk to Misty and the follow through, I was a mess. I started crying that night and still am all teary eyed as I write this post (Mostly cause I just said goodbye to Dominica). I was dead set on nobody making a big deal about my departure..... but that was a fat chance. On Wednesday, all the people at work had a "get together" :D Thank you everyone! We had pumpkin roll and ice cream! Then I was presented some "protection" to help me in my pursuit of a HOT new social life! Although I am sad right now, I still know that this is the right thing for me to do right now. I love all of the friends I have made at Larsen's and will always remember the good (and bad) memories that were created there, and look forward to the next adventure that my life brings!!! :D

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