Friday, January 1, 2010

*~The Good and Bad of 2009!~*

Holy Cow!!! I cannot believe that 2009 has come and gone already!!! Though the year has gone by SO fast....... This has been a very eventful year in my life. There are alot of impotant things that happened in my life in the past year. Here are a few of them:

  • In Jan I was serving as the acting Student Body President while Ky was a page for the senate,as well as being the West Jeff FFA Pres, and a very involved Senior and applying to college!
  • Got mono and Strep at the same time! (one week before going back east!)
  • Went on American Heritage!!!! It was SO much fun- LOTS & LOTS of memories!!

  • In April we went to the state FFA Leadership Convention, where I competed in the Ag Business Competition, and placed 4th in the state! YAY!! Also, interviewed with Dr. Reisinburg from U of I and was offered an extra credit for the Dual credit Ag Bus class that I was taking, as well as a scholarship to U of I.
  • ALMOST went crazy filling out scholorships!!
  • Got accepted to Utah State, U of I, CSI, ISU, and BYU-I. (all of the schools I applied to)
  • Went on a blind date for my senior prom! haha

  • Ordered caps and gowns and realized that our time at WJ was coming to an end!
  • Enjoyed every last minute of being a Senior at West Jefferson High School!
  • Had lots of FUN parties with our graduating class!
  • Graduated from Seminary!
  • Started my job as a receptionist at Larsen Farms
  • Graduated with Honors from West Jefferson High School- Class of 09! (Best Ever!!)

  • Partied all night! :D
  • Decided that I was going to start my College experience at BYU-I
  • TURNED 18!!!

  • Bought my first Lottery ticket!!
  • Worked all summer!
  • Rode horses, went camping. shooting, and all of the other fun summer things!
  • Showed and sold my last pig ever at the Mud Lake Fair

  • Went to the State Fair to watch Keeg Compete! He did awesome!
  • Made several cute watches with my Grandma!!
  • Moved into Tuscany Place on Sept 7th!!
  • Started college on Sept 10th

  • Got called to be the BYUI 7th ward Librarian !!!
  • Called my mom for advice at least a billion times!
  • Joined PAS (post secondary Ag students)
  • Found out that Jace had Lukemia on Sept. 11th
  • Started a new Job for Selective Builders ( a remodeling compnay :) )
  • Had a wonderful Thanksgiving with the Leatham Family
  • Went to New Moon!
  • Quit my Job at Larsen's (one of the hardest parts of my year!)
  • Survived the first semester of College!!!
  • Moved out of our apartment
  • Hung out with Jacer!

  • Strengthened relationships with old friends

  • Met new friends!
  • Discoverd the true importance of my family and how much I love them!
  • Helped remodel my parent's house!
  • Started Skyping!!
  • Got together with some of my classmates- had an amazing night!

  • Had an AMAZING Christmas with my family
  • Realized a lil more how thankful I am for Kandice and Kolleen and the friendship that we have!! (didn't know that was possible!)

  • Celebrated the start of 2010 with my Fam!!

2009 was a very eventful year for me! I had a lot of good things happen, as well as a few tough things. I learned a few very important life lessons, and hope that I have become a better person by dealing with them! I hope that 2010 is a good year..... Bring it On! :D Happy New Year!


  1. Looks like u had way too much fun. j/k

  2. You forgot to say you are "still" grandma and grandpa's favorite sweet grandaughter!!! We love you and are proud of you.

  3. I'm very mad I'm not mentioned in your year of 2009..ha! Just kidding...I might have to try a post like that! It was a good one...