Tuesday, February 23, 2010

*~World's Longest Post~*

Ok..... So I have tried updating this thing 3 times and everytime I end up deleting it before I am done, and then I just give up for the night! But today I AM going to update.... and that's a promise! But.... hope your ready for the LONGEST blog post ever! :)
We have been so so busy in 2010. I am loving my time off school.... Although I am starting to look forward to being on a normal schedule, instead of all this lazy time! January flew by.... Kyler turned 17 and we went to lots of basketball games to watch Keegan. Also in January, I had a fun opportunity to go work for the Republican Party of Utah. It was very very fun! While I was there, the party held a fundraising breakfast at the Grand America. It was very fun to dress up in new "Business Clothes" and go to work each day. I met some very fun people, made some new friends, and enjoyed staying with Megan and Ivan! Thank you!! P.S. you better believe that I have currently misplaced my CD from Katherine with all of the cute pics,but since I promised to finish this post here are a few!

This was the morning of the big breakfast... 5:08 am!

The Grand America

So then after my adventure in Utah, I rode home with Megan and Ivan. The Leatham's had a fun family weekend planned. I wish I had more pictures to post but they are still on the camera in my mom's purse. We went to this amazing barn that is all fixed up nice. It has pool, ping pong, a theatre room, and plenty of bedrooms for everyone! We played games and laughed and talked till early hours of the morning. Then we woke up, had breakfast and repeated the night before! It was a fun fun weekend with the Leathams!

So.... That was my month of January! :) It was a great start to 2010!
February has also had lots of adventures and new things! We (Kandice, Kolleen, and I) signed contracts to Brookside Village for Spring and fall semesters. We are all three very very excited about this! They are awesome apartments and we can't wait to all be together at school! BYUI Watch out!!! haha

On Valentine's weekend I went over to Mabry's to make sugar cookies.... Mabe said she had doubled the batch and would love it if I can over and helped her bake and frost them! Well... Little did either of us know.... This was going to be a very fun night! We cut out, cooked and frosted ALOT of sugar cookies. We stayed up till about 3 in the morning chatting. I love that girl! we had some good discussion about stuff and still made it up for church in the morning! :)

So far 2010 has been a great year! And I have learned that it would be a lot easier to not get 2 months behind on de blog!! :)

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