Friday, November 19, 2010

*~Spring and Summer 10 in a nutshell!~*

I am beyond aweful at this blogging thing, but I have been a busy woman. :) Let me just give you a real fast update on the Summer of 2010. These are the important things that I want my children to read about in 30 years :)
* I survived my second semester of college- barely!
* I went to lots of High School rodeos to watch Mabe- Lots of fun memories made :) including but not limited to
~Chasing horses at 1 am in Butte
~ Bowling
~Snuggling up with Camas, Talyn, and Mabe talking into the VERY early hours of the morning
~Misty taking me and Mabe's phones until we got the camper cleaned out
~ LOTS of fun memories made!
*We walked in the Relay for Life cancer walk. This was a LONG night, but so much fun!

*I turned 19!

*We celebrated the 4th of July! and I experienced my first ever "Hamer Celebration" I think I may become a regular :)
* We had a fun time roasting marshmellows and lighting off some fireworks with me, kyler, keegan, Mabe, Camas, Talyn,Billy Kate, and Dena and Rodger.

* Went to Lava with Madi and Kylee!

*Went to Lots of Chuckar's games....

*Went to the Drive In!!

*Went to Mack's Inn with the Single's branch

I am sure that I am missing several important things that I did this Summer, but these are most of the highlights. I had so many fun times and created memories that will last a lifetime. I have the best friends and family a girl could ask for and I am perfectly happy being right where I am :)

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